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Here is a link to our Parent Handbook. The parents handbook is a description of our policies and regulations. This needs to be reviewed, and then signed. There are a lot of repeated questions from the registration forms, so only print out and fill out what you feel you need us, or want us to know. The only page that must be signed is page 16.

In the event of a fire or premise evacuation of Brookswood Kids' Place, we would first seek shelter


at Belmont Elementary School. If this option were not available, we would then proceed to walk the children to our emergency evacuation home with our emergency and first aid supplies. We would walk down 40th ave and down 205A Street to 3915 205A street the home of Debbie Garofano. 


COVID-19 Illness and Health Policies

Please see attached Covid Policies that need to be printed and signed and added to registration forms.


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