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Hello and Welcome Back OSC September 2021!

We hope that everyone has had a fantastic summer!

For our new parents and a reminder to returning parents, our big kids school room is in the library this year. We will meet the big kids in the courtyard everyday after school and then head to the library they must come straight to the courtyard after school. 

The school requires all children to have inside​ shoes that can be kept in the library. Parents will pick up through the double doors in the courtyard as the front doors of the school are locked by 4 or earlier. Thursdays and early dismissal days the children will be in the gym as the school needs the library.

We also require inside shoes for the portable as well we will have bins for them to be stored in. If your child requires a spare change of clothes we have a bin to store them in if you could put them in a large ziplock bag and label the bag.

*Reminder that we can not pick up Kindergarten children until the gradual entry is over. You are more than welcome to drop them off after 2:45 when we get back from school pick up. 

If you haven't already dropped off your paperwork and post-dated cheques, please bring them with you on the first day.. As per licensing requirements, no children are able to stay with us unless we have all the mandatory paperwork. If your child was with us last year, we just need you to go over the current registration papers and update any information/ sign them dated for this year. Here is a list of the forms we need:

  1. Registration Papers
  2. Emergency Consent Form
  3. Signed page of Parent Handbook (Not the entire handbook)
  4. Current Photo
  5. $85.00 Registration fee (can be included in September fees)
  6. 10 post-dated cheques for September to June dated the 1st of the month

Reminder that our fees are: Before and After school are

$455.00,                                              After school only is

$355.00                                               Before school only is

$245.00                                               Mornings only

The cost for Pro-D days is $10.00, which needs to be submitted before the Pro-D Day as a deposit to secure your spot for that day. The Pro-D day list is still first come first serve and is posted the week before.

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